A Date With The Dentist

A Date With The Dentist

Have you ever looked at your teeth and wondered, “what is that dark spot”?  You think it might be a cavity but it doesn’t hurt and it’s never bothered you.  “Probably just a stain on my tooth” you reassure yourself. But just to be sure, you look it up on the internet. And you find this place: Canadian Dental Association

Ok, so maybe it’s a cavity. But you decide that it’s not a big deal because it doesn’t hurt.

So life goes on and eventually you see a dentist for a check up and cleaning.  The dentist is poking and frowning at your teeth (as she is wont to do).  Then she sprays a puff of air at your tooth and you realize she is closely examining the stain you noticed.

Bad news, the dentist tells you it’s a cavity and it will need to be fixed with a filling.

At this news, you suddenly start to work yourself through the stages of grief:

  1. it can’t be a cavity, I don’t get cavities,
  2. how dare she say it’s a cavity!
  3. maybe this cavity will go away on its own if I never eat candy again,
  4. my teeth are rotten and no good, I should just have them all pulled, 
  5. OK fine, it’s a cavity. I called it.

Next thing you know, you’re settling in for this barbarian to drill into your head.  Maybe she can do this filling without the needle, you desperately hope.  You really hate needles. Why haven’t they invented something better yet?

No such luck.

And now that awful high pitch noise from the drill.  <shudder>  It’s making you regret not bringing head phones to listen to music to drown out this horror show.

Is it over yet?  When will this be over?  Why isn’t she answering?

You realize the dentist can’t understand you because she secured a rubber sheet over your mouth.  The rubber sheet is for your protection, she says.  But you know better – she just doesn’t want to hear your complaints. You make a mental note to ask to speak to the manager after this.  

Finally, the dentist seats you up. You check your phone and it has barely been an hour since you arrived. That wasn’t half bad, actually. You feel like a rock star for getting through that.

You vaguely hear your dentist go over some final instructions – something about brushing your teeth and flossing.  You just want to know when you can eat again.  All this work has made you hungry.

Phuong Luu, DDS