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Invisalign Cosmetic Braces in Edmonton

The Minimally Invasive Alternative to Traditional Braces!

We live in an exciting age of technological advancements, and Invisalign is one of those innovations. Whether you are suffering from crooked or crowded teeth or from large gaps in your teeth or an overbite, clear Invisalign aligners can help you fix your teeth comfortably and inconspicuously. Now you don’t have to worry about awkwardly sticking out at your school or job!

Additional benefits of Invisalign aligners include:

  • Oral Improvements in Less Time
  • No Metal Brackets or Wires
  • Aligners Custom Made for You
  • Removable for Brushing, Flossing, & Eating

With Invisalign, you no longer have to worry about drawing undue attention to your teeth. Or about abstaining from certain foods. Or about the discomfort caused by metal braces. You get to enjoy all of the benefits of a straight, beautiful smile—while avoiding all of the inconveniences brought on by braces!

Achieve Quick, Desired Results with Bridgeview Dental!

When you turn to our Edmonton dentists at Bridgeview Dental for your Invisalign cosmetic braces system, we can help you achieve quick, desired results, in as little as 12 to 18 months. Contact us today at 780.482.5554 to come in for an Invisalign consultation. We are proud to offer our patients the very best of dental technology!

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