What’s That Noise?

What’s That Noise?

One of the reasons for dental anxiety in patients is the loud noises in the clinic.  The high pitch squeal of a drill, the buzz of the water scaler and the whoosh of the suction all contribute to sounds patients associate with instruments of pain and torture. 

Even the office music or the TV played in the dental office cannot prevent these sounds from disrupting our serenity.

So what is a patient to do?

One of the best things a patient can do for themselves is to bring their own headphones to a dental appointment.

Find your happy place by listening to music, audiobook or podcast.  If nothing else, it will help out dampen the sounds of a dental office and ease your anxiety.  

Music has been known to lower stress and elevate mood so curating a great list for your next dental appointment is certainly going to be worth your time.

Phuong Luu, DDS